ESG & Digital Transformation

Steering With Values.

When ESG meets the digital transformation, the result is more than a sum of the parts.

Digital transformation & ESG: a marriage of masteries.

Our long-term investment horizon allows us to implement a coherent strategy and structural improvements that make a real difference. One of our biggest strengths is building powerful unions between the digital transformation of the companies we invest in and their ESG journey. We believe that strong ESG principles are pivotal to business success and sustainable value creation, and that embracing digital technology is the central catalyst.

„What is there more valuable than sustainable actions and access to knowledge?“


As we enter the digital age and an era when sustainability becomes crucial, companies embracing both ESG standards and digital technology will lead the way in value creation. Technology and sustainability are megatrends that should not be treated separately.

E3 Holding has forged an alliance with two experts in these fields: capital and ZifferEins GmbH. While capital is one of the most renowned sustainability strategy consultancies in Germany, ZifferEins GmbH is a pioneer of the digital age. Together with these partners, we support our group companies in implementing and expanding the competences essential for effective ESG management. While some of these competences will be standardised, others will be tailored to each company. ESG also plays an integral part in all phases of our investment process as we are looking to identify and proactively manage ESG risks and opportunities.

Smart and sustainable:helping SMEs embrace technology


Olivier Weddrien

Founder · Board member

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Olivier Weddrien

Founder · Board member