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Welcome to the digital age

The logic of value creation is seeing radical changes. While the path used to be linear, it has since become intertwined, with an ecosystem of market participants interacting. This has a radical impact on markets and client access, making digital transformation a top priority. But is that enough?

If it’s worth doing, do it right

Relying on the support of experts in the right places, E3 Holding makes sure that SMEs are not only ready for the challenges of the digital age, but – in a best case scenario – become pioneers of innovation. This is how we support the companies we invest in:

  • Providing support in the first-time implementation or optimised use of technological innovation
  • Laying a solid foundation with investments in state-of-the-art infrastructure, systems and software
  • Modernising processes, products and services within a company and when liaising with customers and suppliers 
  • Building up competences within the company and implementing fresh marketing and sales concepts for the digital age

„Digital transformation is not an end in itself. What matters is that we have the will and resources to propel the world that next step forward with fresh ideas.“

Meet our digital transformation partner:

ZifferEins GmbH & Co. KG in Münster, Germany

Tech pioneer

ZIFFEREINS is a strategy consultancy, an implementation and investment company, with a special focus on developing software and IT infrastructures that meet the individual and practical demands of its international clients. It creates value and sets market trends by making traditional products fit for the digital age. The ZIFFEREINS Group was founded in 2013 by digital transformation pioneer Thomas L. Rödding, who brings ZIFFEREINS expertise to German blue chips, government and other political bodies (the German and European standardisation organisations DIN and CEN, etc.). As one of E3 Holding’s expert partners, Thomas Rödding and ZIFFEREINS are the ones we turn to for digital due diligence and proficiency in implementation.

Thomas L. Rödding

Entrepreneur / Managing Director of ZifferEins GmbH & Co. KG


Münster & New York





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