Konrad Böhnlein

A market leader with a proud history




Franconia, Germany



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About Konrad Böhnlein

Founded in 1979 by Konrad Böhnlein and managed by Alexandra and Bernd Böhnlein since 2004, the mid-sized company is a genuine family business with a proud history. At home in the southern German region of Upper Franconia, which is known for its hearty cuisine, Konrad Böhnlein is the regional market leader for meat products, especially known for its sausage products. 

Konrad Böhnlein has entered into long-term partnerships with more than 2,000 butchers, restaurants, and food retailers. The company offers not only a steady performance, regional pricing power and clear positioning, but also significant growth potential, which will be leveraged via targeted investments.

The presence of E3 Holding as an investor assures the company’s positive development in the absence of an internal family successor.

Case study

Point of departure

Konrad Böhnlein has a broadly diversified customer base of over 2,200 customers. This, together with its genuinely regional products and efficient operations, makes the company extremely profitable. The share of other meat specialities in the product portfolio has been continuously reduced in recent years, to the benefit of regional sausage specialities that offer higher margins.


Clear potential lies in expanding Konrad Böhnlein’s food retail product range and self-service shelf offerings (sliced products sold in < 150 g packages), and E3 will be helping Konrad Böhnlein to scale up active sales activities in this sector.

In line with E3 Holding’s sustainability strategy, we will be looking to cut resources consumption and focus on animal welfare, regionality, and quality. We will also be exploring how innovations – such as pea or lentil proteins – might add extra value.