E3 Partners

Sound Growth. Brought to You by Shared Knowledge.

Sparring partners

Long-term sparring partners.

The road to a more ecological, sustainable economy is a long one and if we are to make it, we will need to re-evaluate our status quo over and over again. Try, fail, try again. We are ready to throw old convictions overboard, embrace new ideas, stand corrected, be disciplined, patient and persistent. While others may falter at the thought, we enjoy cultivating constructive discourse. Like will to like: similar culture reigns at our partners, some of which are E3 group companies themselves. With an interdisciplinary approach, modern thinking and a lean-in attitude, they are leading our portfolio by example.


„We strengthen our group companies by providing them with access to resources, knowledge, methods and infrastructure. Our motto: “Don’t just invest. Lean in!”“

Knowledge shared is knowledge multiplied.

Access to new knowledge is existential in today’s world. We are never satisfied with the status quo, but always bustling. In this context, we do not see our partners as mere accessories, but as centres of knowledge that support our group companies with tailor-made, in-depth service: from strategy to rolling implementation, from building core competencies to expanding them. Our partners are here to empower the companies we invest in, granting them access to a vast interdisciplinary network.