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We Take Sustainability Personally.

Sustainability is not a destination. Sustainability is a journey.

Building, implementing and strengthening new tools, abilities and strategies – that is our definition of truly sustainable entrepreneurship. Reflecting our strong commitment to sustainability across our business, you will find ESG enshrined in two levels of our organisation:

  • Level 1. Munich-based capital GmbH is our ESG partner, a consulting firm specialising in sustainability, and co-founded by E3.
  • Level 2. Responsibility for all things pertaining to sustainability lies with E3 Holding SE’s Management Board. Together with capital, it sets the parameters and defines the guidelines for our ESG positioning, the methodical integration of sustainability matters into the investment process, and for active ownership. The Management Board also coordinates implementation efforts, ensuring open dialogue based on common goals and values.

„In management, sustainability is often only an afterthought. We put sustainability front and centre in everything we do.“

Time to get serious

While our ESG expert Matthias Bönning is delighted that companies can no longer afford to ignore questions of sustainability, he remains critical:

Despite the growing impact that ecological and social crises have on people’s daily lives and companies’ bottom lines, some investors still incorrectly see sustainability as an image or compliance issue. That’s why we are so impressed by how seriously E3 Holding SE takes sustainability, baking it into their entire investment process right from the start. We are glad to have E3 Holding SE at our side to make this journey with us as our long-term ESG partner.

Meet our ESG partner: capital GmbH

Strong reputation meets cutting-edge expertise capital GmbH specialises in ESG advisory services for investors and serves investment companies as well as their group companies. Investment participations ensure that our alliances are durable and continuous. We are a relatively small company and can swiftly and flexibly tap ever more complex knowledge and tools, allowing us to leverage ESG expertise and make it available to both our current and future group companies. capital works closely with GmbH in Munich, one of the most renowned strategy consultancies for sustainability topics in Germany, backed by a team of experienced consultants with multi-year industrial expertise and a broad network of partners.

Matthias Bönning

Managing Director of capital GmbH








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