Active Ownership

Active Ownership. Always.

E3 Holding is committed to active ownership, and encourages diligent steering of sustainability-related growth in its group companies. Read on to learn what we mean.

ESG strategy and continuous support

All our group companies receive regular dedicated advice on their sustainability strategy, and enjoy professional support in the implementation of their sustainability road map.  E3 Holding SE collaborates with capital GmbH to provide this service. All group companies undergo a systematic process:

  • An initial strategy review, including a materiality analysis and preparation of a sustainability mission statement
  • Definition of fields of action and ESG targets, including KPIs and measurement methods being agreed on and implemented
  • Definition of action to implement the goals and enshrining this action in the company
  • Set-up of structures for ESG communications within E3 Holding and for external reporting if necessary

Roundtable for group companies

E3 encourages its group companies to participate in regular roundtable sessions on various sustainability topics and challenges, and share their experiences there. Starting in 2023, the roundtable sessions will take place three times a year and address topics such as:

  • General networking and building structures for sustainability management within the company
  • Sustainable development goals (SDGs) and the key areas that E3 wants to focus on
  • EU sustainability regulations and reporting obligations
  • Sharing best practices for sustainability projects
  • Reporting on group-wide KPIs

Steering using KPIs

We work hand in hand with our group companies to help them manage their ESG data and KPIs which allow them to establish an active and effective ESG risk management and leverage positive impact potential.

The core set of KPIs recorded and reported on within E3 Holding as well as its group companies follows the EDCI Metrics Guidance. This standard covers the following topics:

Greenhouse gas emissions

Energy consumption

Proportion of women

Workplace accidents

Staff development

Employee surveys

Data is currently collected on an annual basis. In order to boost the impact of diligent steering, the frequency of collection will be increased going forward. We will gradually expand the core set of ESG KPIs (click here for an overview of our established and to-be-established KPIs). Group companies are encouraged to define and collect additional KPIs relevant to their individual business models to take account of the respective company-specific context.

The data serves to enhance internal and external transparency on key fields of sustainability action, supports corresponding decision-making processes at E3 itself and at its group companies, and helps monitor target achievement. The KPIs are an essential part of the business reviews between the E3 holding entity and the general management of the group companies. Starting in 2024, the data will also be used to create annual progress reports on the general ESG impact of E3 Holding and its investments as well as on the additional impact that unfolds as a result of the measures we introduce.

Re-evaluating ESG performance

To keep track of progress, we re-evaluate the ESG performance of each group company every two years, with the ESG due diligence stocktake serving as the starting point. The findings are incorporated into the regular review of target definitions and road maps.

We also re-examine adherence to the E3 exclusion criteria within this bi-annual re-evaluation – particularly with regard to any controversies in the upstream value chain.