IT expertise from Sweden

Coligo AB is a leading “cloud native” specialist in Sweden, with renowned expertise due to its extensive market experience. The company supports its clients as they prepare for digital transformation and implement cyber security measures, contributing to productivity, competitiveness and security. Coligo’s offering includes IT services for a modern workplace, Microsoft 365 and cloud security compliance.

We look forward to bringing this knowledge to other markets and creating the basis for an integrated, leading and independent platform. 

Coligo AB was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in 2012 by six founding members that are – to this day – still engaged in its operating business. The company has since enjoyed a strong growth trajectory and has been able to build a diversified base of well-known Swedish corporate clients. A strong corporate culture helps it to retain employees and to attract new talent. In short: we have acquired, and will develop, a market leader with profound expertise in the Microsoft Ecosystem.

High market relevance 

Cyber security and digital transformation will play a significant role in our digital society during the coming decade. The young and highly fragmented market offers excellent potential for consolidation, particularly for specialisations (such as Microsoft Ecosystem), to create regional market leadership. Sweden and Scandinavia are far more advanced than the DACH region in terms of cloud computing and cyber security – 48% of companies in Sweden work in the cloud, compared to 16% in Germany and 21% in the EU. 

E3’s fundamental aim and mission – to make the world a better and safer place – makes it the perfect match for Coligo. We are pushing the boundaries of how to provide security services to our clients and help them embrace technology. With E3’s wealth of business knowledge and success in building and refining businesses in this market, we felt they were the ideal partner to help our company reach its full potential. E3 also improves our strategy and day-to-day work by contributing its business development knowledge, and grants us access to highly skilled professionals. Our partnership with E3 empowers us to accelerate growth momentum and become a market leader in digitalisation and cyber security, leveraging Microsoft Services in the Nordic region. Being part of a group with partner organisations that are specialised in complementary cyber security areas also brings a raft of new opportunities into play.

How we create value 

E3 Holding is supporting Coligo in refining its organisational structure, individual ESG road map and ESG-linked product enhancements. Our aim is to provide clients with IT solutions to measure and improve their ESG score. Solutions range from purchasing recommendations, through hardware utilisation times, to software solutions that permit optimal on-boarding of new employees in order to reduce logistics costs.

Shared vision and mission 

Our joint vision – that is E3’s and Coligo’s – is to build a new leader among the IT companies of Western Europe, an integrated group of companies capable of offering a secure digital transformation in the Microsoft environment. Our mission is to create an independent provider of comprehensive end-to-end digital transformation and cyber security services.

E3 has accelerated Coligo’s ESG efforts. In 2022, we achieved important milestones that lay the foundation for our ESG work moving forward. We have developed our ESG strategy with a focus on maximising our ESG impact and on tying together all our ESG efforts. Our clients can derive substantial benefits and value from our support in two ESG-related areas: we help them reduce their climate impact by significantly lowering carbon emissions, and we dedicate our attention to creating a sustainable way of working, improving the wellbeing and productivity of staff members. Without E3’s support and guidance we would not have come this far in our ESG journey.

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