Keeping sight of the supply chain

Bamberg-based Konrad Böhnlein was founded in 1979 and has since established itself as a leading supplier in Bavaria’s Upper Franconia region. The company’s claim is that its meat and sausage products are “as fresh as it gets”. Its strong market position is based on products that are crafted following traditional recipes.

From its operational headquarters in Bamberg’s abattoir, Konrad Böhnlein mostly delivers direct to its approximately 2,200 customers: supermarkets, butchers, canteens, hospitals and the catering industry. And most customers have been buying Franconian meat and sausage specialities from the company for years, as they value not only the exceptional delivery flexibility but also the extensive product range.

Among the approximately 185 employees there is an unusually high proportion of skilled workers by comparison with the company’s peers, making it a team of “real meat craftspeople”. An above-average length of service in the workforce is indicative of a highly esteemed corporate culture and helps to uphold product quality.

We have always produced in the region and for the region – and that will remain our focus!

An outlook 

Extensive expertise will also benefit the company in the pending transformation process: in line with E3 Holding’s sustainability strategy, Konrad Böhnlein will be looking to cut resources consumption and pay even more attention to animal welfare, regionality, and quality.

The company is also reacting to changed customer demand, by exploring how innovations – such as using pea or lentil protein – might be an adequate substitute for animal protein.

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