We put three questions to our newest investment team member, Andrés Gevert.

What do you find motivating about working at E3?

Andrés Gevert: I firmly believe that a prosperous society is closely linked to a strong and sustainable economy. At E3, we are active entrepreneurs and help medium-sized companies achieve long-term sustainable growth. Our vision of cooperating closely with those who shape our economy and the positive, entrepreneurial culture lived at E3 motivate me to give my best every day.

Is there an ESG initiative that you find inspiring?

Andrés Gevert: I think that the three letters of ESG are inextricably linked and should be seen as a holistic concept, meaning that they all should be taken into account, each with a specific weighting depending on the company and industry.

Personally, I find SDG 4 “Quality Education” of the UN’s 2030 Agenda very inspiring because it is about building a society that meets the challenges of our time based on knowledge and rational thinking.

What does “sustainable investing” mean to you?

Andrés Gevert: The definition of sustainable investing in Alex Edam’s book “Grow the Pie” provides a valuable perspective in my eyes. A company’s fundamental job is to use its funds efficiently, offer society high-quality products and services, and have a positive impact. That does not just mean systematically generating a high return on invested capital for the company’s shareholders, but rather “growing the pie” to include all stakeholders (customers, suppliers, employees, the environment, etc.). The good thing is that this also directly benefits the enterprise value by making the business model more robust, resilient and harder to copy, so it provides a true competitive advantage.

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