Gender Equality

Building Gender Equality

We encourage full gender equality across all group companies and at E3 Holding itself because we are convinced that diverse teams are more creative and more resilient in management.

When our group companies need to expand their general management teams or rehire, we strive to fill these positions with the under-represented sex in the respective case. (Naturally, this applies to general management teams with more than one person.)

Wherever possible, all management positions in our group companies are to be filled in proportion to the gender distribution across the entire workforce of the respective companies by 2025.

In order to boost gender equality beyond management roles, we take the following specific measures throughout E3 Holding:

Implementation of a uniform diversity policy

at all our group companies

Calculation of the gender pay gap

by group company

Introduction of a complaints procedure

for incidents of gender discrimination and harassment

Set-up of organisational structures

e.g. an equal opportunities officer at group level

Introduction and adoption of CPD courses

on gender equality